Our family business was found in 1988 by Ercihan Dilari and its managed by himself. At Akhal Teke horse riding center we care about our Horses well being and we consider them part of our family. If you care about the well being of horses, you are at the right place.

Dilari filled his 35 years of expertise with many ‘firsts’.

The Evliya Çelebi Way (2009) – UNESCO “Cultural Route” (330km) throughout Türkiye together with his favourite beloved horse Anadolu, accompanied by a team of academics.

The Saint Paul Trail (2013): The Saint Paul Trail is a 500 km route stretching from Perge (10 km east of Antalya) to Yalvaç (northeast of Lake Eğirdir).

The Phrygian Way (2014-2016): The Phrygian Way links the cities of Ankara, Afyonkarahisar, Eskisehir and Kutahya. The route is 506 km long and is designed to bring modern travellers into the valleys where the Phrygians built their ancient civilization.
Great Anatolian Ride (2014): In 2014, this ride started from Cappadocia and went all the way to Iznik, linking together many of the above trails.

Becoming one of the leading names about horseback riding, Dilari owes his success not only to his experience and passion about horses and riding but also his values; he never sees horses as just animals, but rather as companions for life. Over the last ten years, Dilari has successfully trained horses that have become national champions in Endurance competitions. The Hippotherapy Project continues along with Nevşehir University. The Saddle Ranch also continues to maintain several associated social responsibility projects. He also organized horse riding expeditions all over the world in different terrains and conditions. As a believer of continuous learning and development, Dilari loves to share his knowledge and experience with people. His unique approach gives even very experienced riders a new way of looking at the nature of the horse.

Akhal Teke Horse Riding Center

We offer you a lifetime experience on horseback