Welcome to Akhal Teke Horse Riding Center

Discover the beauty of Cappadocia and the Lycian Way – Patara Beach. While others walk through crowded touristy areas, our guests get to enjoy the hidden gems on a horseback. Our 2-7 day horse rides will give you the break you need from your daily routine. All you need is flight ticket, the rest is on us.

Join us on one of these great horseback riding tours, enjoy the beauty of nature, long canters, authenthic delicious food, delicious turkish breakfast at our horse themed Saddle Cave Hotel. Meet internesting people from all over the world!

“This tour was simply amazing. On this trip we got to see parts of Turkey I’d never dreamt of seeing, away from normal Tourists areas. The scenery was beautiful and so we’re the horses!” – Lilly Moore

“The horses were extraordinarily fit and clearly well loved and trusting of people. Many are competative athletes, but kind and honest. The outfitter is clearly dedicated to them, takes good care of them and loves them. It is wonderful to see. The outfitter, his wife and staff were extraordinarily welcoming and accomodating. They were lovely. The rides were interesting and the extra activities (whirling dervishes, guided tour of cave cathedrals) were fascinating.” – Narda Sherman

“A six day adventure in Cappadocia – bright sun, blue sky, perfect horses and good company. Food is delicious! Thank you so much for this great week. – Lisa Günther”

“Absolutely amazing! The people, the landscape, the horses, the food – I absolutely loved it all ! – Judith Klein”

“Thank you Ercihan for this lovely ride ! Ashkar is an adorable and joyful horse, I had fun and much pleasure to ride her! All the best to you ! – Jennifer Miller”